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School Purchase Orders (POs)

School Purchase Order for Tennis Balls   Thanks for trusting us with your order! We work with schools from coast to coast and have sold over 100,000 balls in the last year just to schools.  We have developed a very simple process for you that is fairly automated to cut down on your time and efforts.

First, complete your order as if you’re purchasing with a credit card AND select “Purchase Order” as your payment method (at bottom of checkout, can’t miss it)

Second, reply to the order email when received requesting a W-9 if your school requires one.  I’ll send you a W-9 for the school’s purchasing department.

Third, once you have everything you need on your end (order receipt/email, W-9), please have your purchasing department fax a valid Purchase Order to 888-226-8599.

If you have any questions on how to use School Purchase Orders, please email me at [email protected]